One look, zero delays
The ultimate DM tools to describe towns, shops & NPCs

Worlds at a glance: A new kind of storytelling that immerses your players with endless town, shop and NPC descriptions. Our FlowRead mechanic eliminates interruptions and elevates storytelling. No more searching for shop items, NPC details, place descriptions or plot hooks. 

Instant immersion, no interruptions.

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Be prepared for anything,
without any prep

Never keep your players waiting. 
Every chapter is organised to answer player questions based on the location covered in that chapter. 

All the information you need to run a shop, tavern, market or other POI is right where you need it, when you need it!

Seamless Integration into any Campaign

"Worlds at a Glance" is a storyteller's dream.
Seamlessly integrate diverse venues and NPCs into any adventure whether you're world-building from scratch or in the middle of an exciting campaign. Worlds at a glance has everything you need to enhance your storytelling.

Add-ons that speed up gameplay

Give your players what they need, when they need it!

Shop Cards

Players visiting a shop? Hand out shop cards so they can browse what's for sale! These include 5E compatible items, prices and effects/descriptions!

Town builder Notebook

Use the town builder alongside the book to keep track of memorable shops, NPCs, places and discoveries in your towns and villages. Use one of 20 Templates and existing town maps to prepare your towns in advance! 

For Dungeon Masters

By dungeons masters! With over 20 years of combined D&D experience and a large Discord community, we want to make sure that Worlds at a glance becomes the most useful tool in your DM Toolkit!

Worldbuilding with storytelling in mind

Each of the 30+ chapters include unique descriptions, place names, NPC greetings, shop lists, plot hooks, NPC profiles and more, depending on the location visited.

Everything is written in a way that gives the DM endless cozy, rugged or creepy options to describe their world and the people in it.

Set the mood with color coded narrative options

Green, orange and red hues allow you to easily flow between cozy, rugged or creepy ways to describe your world.

Cozy taverns with rugged NCPs or creepy night markets with wholesome market vendors, anything is possible with FlowReads color coded narrative options. 

Quest boards with intriguing mini adventures

Do your players require some extra coin, healing potions or a special item for their next big quest? 

Have them help villagers, introduce mini adventures by describing someone pinning a note on a notice board and invite your players to help the villagers with small mini adventures that come with quick narrative descriptions, challenges, plot twists and unique rewards!


Get a Free Deck of Shop Cards & Lock In Your Early Bird Discount!

We're Launching Soon. Lock in our pre-Kickstarter benefits now!